Early Warning Systems

An alarm system is a strategically installed early warning system to let you know that your home and your family may be in danger.

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CCTV Systems
With our expertly installed cameras, digital surveillance and recording systems, you can monitor everything that is happening, both inside and outside your house.

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Intercom Systems
From wireless intercom systems to gate access control, we can put you in charge of who comes in and who doesn't.

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Let us help you secure and protect what's important to you.


Firstline Security Solutions is your first line of detection and protection; using technology in innovative ways to put the control of your security back in your hands. We want to be part of the solution, to see a South Africa that is bravely curbing the trend on crime and home invasions.

Whether it's as simple as installing a traditional alarm system to cover the basics and help you sleep easily at night or strategically designing a state-of-the-art security and monitoring system that allows you to see what's happening on the other side of the wall (we can also work with thermal imaging) whilst you're out of the country, from your mobile device; our team is ready to make a difference in your home.

It doesn't matter if your home is big or small or what your budget is, you can protect what's important to you and not remain an easy target for opportunistic criminals. You too can make a difference!


Our passion to help our clients stay safe and prepared is what makes us the preferred security solutions provider in the Western Cape. Spearheaded by Dennis Vaughan, our company has forged its place by pioneering the way in which we use security and surveillance technology to provide peace-of-mind to our clients.

Through collaborating with other key service providers and remaining at the forefront of security technology, our services and products position us to uniquely assist our clients with their security needs and concerns. We make it our business to keep up to date with crime stats and trends in the areas in which we operate so that we can always advise our clients on security and early warning systems that will be appropriate to their area.

We believe in communicating effectively and educating our clients around the best ways to protect their homes and their families in order to establish and maintain a strong relationship of trust.

We are devoted to fully understanding your needs so that we can recommend, install and maintain the appropriate detection and security solution for you.


We offer a wide range of comprehensive, turnkey security solutions. The first line of detection and protection lies in knowing that your home and your family may be under threat. Our goal is to provide you with an early detection system that can alert you and your response company to a possible danger. This can be done through the effective design, installation and employment of the best security technology.

We see security in three steps: asses, secure and test.


We offer free, on-site assessments.


Install a well-designed security solution for your needs.


We test every item that we install to ensure that it works optimally.


Traditional Security Systems

The basic elements of a traditional alarm system consist of an alarm control panel (the brain), keypad, back-up battery, transformer proximity sensors (magnetic contacts on doors and windows) and PIR (passive infra-red) sensors that pick up movement in your rooms. We are able to assist you in designing a traditional alarm system that will cover your complete internal-security needs.

Wireless Security Systems

If you are wanting to secure out buildings (guest cottages), we can install a wireless alarm system that negates the need for cabling and allows us to use digital, wi-fi and radio systems. These systems are easy to re-position, should your security needs change.

Early Warning Systems

If you have a large area surrounding your property, or find yourself in a high-risk area, you may want to add an early warning system onto your security solution. Our systems are flexible and reliable, offering you a fully customised and trustworthy option to enhance your security.

Your Choice of Armed Response and 24hr Surveillance

All of our security solutions can be linked to your choice of Armed Response or 24 Surveillance service providers. We work with the top security companies in Cape Town and can install a system that will trigger an alert in the control room.



There are several options to choose from when it comes to making the right decision for your CCTV requirements. Most of the attention these days is focused on the transition to IP (Internet Protocol) technology, however it is important to note that Analogue CCTV solutions are still highly effective means of surveillance, especially with the breakthrough in new technological enhancements. A member of our team will happily conduct a survey of the property that you are looking to have CCTV installed and give you the best advice from our extensive experience.


This is a cost-effective CCTV solution that offers surveillance to match your budget. Analogue CCTV has changed over the years and, more recently, with the latest technology boost utilising 960H image resolution has brought the analogue market close to the IP resolution. At Firstline we are able to offer both cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) solutions with 960H resolution.

IP (Internet Protocol)

IP based cameras are the future for all CCTV solutions. The benefits of IP over Analogue CCTV systems include greater flexibility, better performance and vast image quality difference. IP CCTV systems convert the images from the cameras to data and have no real limit to resolution prospects going forward. IP cameras are able to offer high detail image quality.

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Intercom Systems - Wired and Wireless

Our intercom systems provide outstanding audio quality and boast state-of-the-art design. From one-to-one systems for standard home or office setups to multi-component installations for several communication points, our team can advise on and install a suitable solution for your needs.

Video Communication Systems

Seeing who's at the front door, and who's behind them, can be crucial to your security solution. Our video intercom systems provide exceptional video quality, allowing you to control what you see, not just what you hear.

Gate and Garage Automation

Getting out of your car to open and close your front gate and then do the same for the garage door is not only a hassle; it can be a huge security risk. For a reliable and durable automated gate and garage door automation solution, chat to us today!


Patrick Baldamus
Me and my wife want to take this opportunity to say thx again for your great service and always quick response and attention also to your technician who always seems that they know what they doing also to work quick customer friendliness, neat and clean...

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Kenn Gibson
This letter serves to confirm that Dennis Vaughan at Firstline Security, along with his installation team conducted an inspection of our new warehouse facilities and effectively provided security solutions...

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Michael Vaughan
Dear Dennis and the Firstline Security Staff, I would like to thank you for your efficient, professional and all round willingness to assist my wife and I in ensuring we have a secure home...

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At Firstline Security Solutions we choose the top, most trusted products in the industry to ensure that our installations are reliable and use cutting-edge technology.

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